Storytelling: A well organized absence of information

Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty.” At least that’s how British Playwright William Archer saw storytelling. And this arises in one of my favorite Ted Talks from Filmmaker Andrew Stanton (“Toy Story,” “WALL-E”). Stanton shares what he knows about storytelling — and it’s almost too much to process.  

For starters, Stanton, encourages us storytellers to follow the unifying theory of 2 + 2  Don’t give the audience “4″; give them “2 + 2″ and let them work out the answer themselves.  We’re born problem solvers and a well organized absence of information can go a long way.


Yet we in advertising struggle with a dichotomy. We spend so much time fretting about providing an abundance of information, yet we also want to tell stories. So how do we juggle the notion of 2 + 2 with communicating an appropriate amount of info from our client benefactors?

Well, fundamentally we must make a promise, whatever it is we are creating, let us promise consumers that it will be worth their time.


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