Here Be Dragons in Planning

English mapmakers placed the phrase “here be dragons” at the edges of their known world to warn people not to venture off into the unknown. The modern equivalent of “Here Be Dragons is kind of “Do Not Enter. The point of this, of course, is that society, thinking it is in our best interest, spends a lot of their time keeping us away from things. Things they assume will be bad for us. But if we are constantly fearing dragons, we can never answer “what if?” Sure, a Dragon may devour you most of the time, but indeed there will be times when there isn’t a dragon awaiting you around the bend.

My next task is to get a Here Be Dragons sign made up for our Planning Department. Because when you think about it, planning is all about exploring uncharted territories. And yes, Dragons do eat us up from time to time, but that’s what makes those singular moments when we uncover something new so special. 


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