Kick em in the butt

What can a Baseball legend banned from the game for life tell us about planning? A whole lot, it seems. Working on a project recently I was thinking about the Pete Rose ESPN 30 For 30. He hit on two realizations that far too many Planners overlook. The first deals with our willingness to be content. It’s in our nature as humans to seek satisfaction. However, I’ve met far too many people who are easily satisfied. You come upon an insight, clap your hands and shut your mind off. Maybe it’s a curse, but I’m rarely satisfied. I always know I can do better — sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t, but the point is there is something I’m always seeking. That is what I’d like to see from my team members. So, specifically, what did Charlie Hustle say? There are 3 rules to live by:

1. Be aggressive.

2. Be more aggressive.

3. Never be satisfied.

Those who set high expectations for themselves have every right to expect the best from everyone else. In fact, it’s all too easy to lose our aggressiveness as strategists. There’s no reason we should feel we need to approach our days with academic restraint. I want my team to be aggressive. Which brings us to a parting thought from Rose. He says: “There’s only 3 ways you can treat a person: Kick em in the butt, pat em on the butt, leave them alone. You have to know who needs patting, who needs a kick and who needs to be left alone.”

I want people who want a kick.


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